Introduction Of Aqua

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Introduction Of Aqua

Post  Aqua on Wed 4 Jan - 22:54


    Like a Star @ heaven Stage Name :Aqua
    Like a Star @ heaven Birth Date :08/11/1992 (This is done the english way so its (dd/mm/yyyy)
    Like a Star @ heaven Country : England

    Like a Star @ heaven Favorite artist(s)/group(s) : Berryz Koubou, Arashi, Abingdon Boys School, Versailles. I also listen to a lot of anime music
    Like a Star @ heaven Last book read/movie (series or drama) seen : Book was The Odyssey(for college). Movie seen was Pirates Of The Caribbean . Drama was Hana Yori Dango

    Like a Star @ heaven If you were a fruit/a vegetable? An animal? A color? Hmmm....Fruit would probably be Apple, vegetable....maybe....I dunno, I don't really like vegetables. Animal....some kind of that's good at swimming and staying underwater for a long time but also pretty strong and feared. And colour.....probably purple...yeah, that's mysterious and I'm tough to figure out XD
    Like a Star @ heaven What do you think about the project? I think it judged on (Most of) the members, it has potential to be good if people work for it.
    Like a Star @ heaven Code (hidden in the rules) :
    Like a Star @ heaven Other : Nothing really, I like to say what I think, I won't sugar coat anything. If I think someone is getting too much attention when they are undeserving then I will say so. I also comment on a lot of things regarding my favourite anime/music. I hate people that think they know everything and try to act smart about it when they don't know the simplest thing.....'kay I look forward to working with everyone ^_^

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Re: Introduction Of Aqua

Post  Kaede on Thu 5 Jan - 18:48

Hello Aqua! Nice to meet you! Hope you'll have fun here! Like you're english, you can see that my english is not perfect at all (sorry >.<).

Have fun here! (I repeat myself a lot! xD)


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