Introduction of Kaede

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Introduction of Kaede

Post  Kaede on Fri 30 Dec - 19:03


    Like a Star @ heaven Stage Name : Kaede
    Like a Star @ heaven Birth Date : 08/09/1994
    Like a Star @ heaven Country : France

    Like a Star @ heaven Favorite artist(s)/group(s) : I love K-pop. Girls' Generation is my favorite group. I also listen H!P and AKB48.
    Like a Star @ heaven Last book read/movie (series or drama) seen : The last book was "Gargantua" for the literature in my High School. The last movie was a Disney "The Beauty and the Beast".

    Like a Star @ heaven If you were a fruit/a vegetable? An animal? A color? If I were a fruit, I'll be a raspberry~ ♥️ My favorite animal is the See Horse so I'll be a See Horse if I was an animal! And for the color... PINK !
    Like a Star @ heaven What do you think about the project? It's my project so I hope it will be successful!
    Like a Star @ heaven Code (hidden in the rules) :
    Like a Star @ heaven Other : NOPE! Chuck Testa! What a Face


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