Introduction of Sakura

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Introduction of Sakura

Post  Sakura on Wed 4 Jan - 22:05


    Like a Star @ heaven Stage Name : Sakura
    Like a Star @ heaven Birth Date : 29.05.1991!
    Like a Star @ heaven Country : Sweden!~

    Like a Star @ heaven Favorite artist(s)/group(s) : Morning Musume, S/mileage, NewS, Alan Jackson! <3
    Like a Star @ heaven Last book read/movie (series or drama) seen : I'm a drama nerd, so I love the anime Itazura na Kiss! So I've watched the dramas: It Started with a Kiss/They Kiss Again, Playful/Naughty Kiss & japanese version of the drama Itazura na Kiss!

    Like a Star @ heaven If you were a fruit/a vegetable? An animal? A color?: If I were a fruit I'd like to be a strawberry or a banana!~ An animal would ofcourse be a wolf or a dog! But a wolf the most! Color? Blue or White! Maybe gray!
    Like a Star @ heaven What do you think about the project? I really think its awesome!! We haven't started singing yet but I totally love it right now! ^-^
    Like a Star @ heaven Code (hidden in the rules) : Eeh? :3
    Like a Star @ heaven Other :

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Re: Introduction of Sakura

Post  Kaede on Thu 5 Jan - 18:47

Hi Sakura! (I love this nickname because I think of Sakura Card Captor xD)

Maybe you're the oldest of this forum! What a Face

Have fun on Strawberry Project!


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