Introduction of Mara

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Introduction of Mara

Post  Mara<3 on Wed 4 Jan - 17:04


    Like a Star @ heaven Stage Name :Mara
    Like a Star @ heaven Birth Date :19/07/1995
    Like a Star @ heaven Country : Spain

    Like a Star @ heaven Favorite artist(s)/group(s) :Berryz Koubou, 2NE1, C-ute, Buono!, High King... Very Happy
    Like a Star @ heaven Last book read/movie (series or drama) seen :Book: the Fallen, Movie: Final destination I

    Like a Star @ heaven If you were a fruit/a vegetable? An animal? A color?: Fruit: melon Animal: a Cat <3, Color: Purple!
    Like a Star @ heaven What do you think about the project?: I think the project will be so funny! I will have a good time with our new friends ^^
    Like a Star @ heaven Code (hidden in the rules) :
    Like a Star @ heaven Other : I'm glad I have been chosen cheers

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Re: Introduction of Mara

Post  Kaede on Wed 4 Jan - 18:50

    Welcome Mara!
    So your a purple melon right? What a Face

    Anyway have fun with us! You can create your member profile on your group's section!


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